How can I install a Linux BSP with the EasyInstaller via the command line?

I use the Apalis TK1 SOM with a custom carrier board without the possibility to attach a video cable like described in the Toradex EasyInstaller manual to the carrier board. The carrier board is accessible via USB and serial interface. How can I access/use the EasyInstaller (which has been successfully flashed onto the SOM, checked via serial console) either over the serial interface or ethernet (UI over VNC) to install a Linux BSP e.g. non-mainline Linux BSP v2.4?

I got the ip address of the SOM via the serial interface with ifconfig. But I cannot VNC connect to it e.g. with x11vnc -connect

20/02/2018 12:30:03 connect_tcp: connection failed: Connection refused
20/02/2018 12:30:03 connect_tcp: trying IPv6 5500
20/02/2018 12:30:03 connect_tcp[ipv6]: trying sock=11 fam=2 proto=6 using
20/02/2018 12:30:03 connect_tcp[ipv6]: connect: Connection refused
20/02/2018 12:30:03 connect_tcp[ipv6]: setsockopt IPV6_V6ONLY: Protocol not available
20/02/2018 12:30:03 reverse_connect: failed

Could you extend the documentation about the VNC usage instructions?

Toradex is aware of the lack of command line support for the Toradex Easy Installer. We plan to implement it at sometime in the future (see #24297).

As a work around, you can use the autoinstall feature as documented on the Toradex Easy Installer Configuration File page. To get a serial feedback you can use a script with the following content:

echo "Production flashing complete" > /dev/console
exit 0

This will print the string Production flashing complete to the serial console once flashing finished.

I din’t know that. Thanks for letting me know. I will try the workaround.

I cannot find some info in the documentation of the JSON config file. If want to install an image, lets say e.g. Apalis-TK1_LXDE-Image_v2.7b4-20171007 like it is/was pre-flashed on the SOMs in the past (SOM state after purchase) do I have to consider the partitioning, parition file system types, etc. then? Where can I find the info I depend on (e.g. flash file in the packaged Linux BSP)?

Hm, x11vnc seems not to work on newer desktop distributions due to Wayland.

What desktop distribution are you using?

I am using a Gnome 3 desktop here and successfully use Toradex Easy Installer with the default “Remote Desktop Viewer” application. Just choosing VNC as a protocol in the Connect dialog works for me.

A colleague is using tigervnc (package name, binary name vncviewer) successfully.

OS is:

% lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID:	Ubuntu
Description:	Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Release:	14.04
Codename:	trusty

and desktop is:

% kde-open --version
Qt: 4.8.6
KDE Development Platform: 4.13.3
KIO Client: 2.0

On my system it is working now with krdc as vnc client.

Can I configure the EasyInstaller to import the old images from here ( in its “Feeds” dialog (where the image servers can be removed/added) as well? I think there is no .json file in there… probably not?

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Please ask a new Question!