HAB/AHAB Secure Boot on Colibri iMX8x

I found the following posting dealing with HAB/AHAB on Apalis iMX8x:

Is that answer still valid and does it apply to Colibri iMX8x as well?


Greetings @rubi0030,

If you’re referring to what our current status is on HAB/AHAB support then that post is more or less still accurate.

We still have not done or committed anything from our side regarding HAB/AHAB. Therefore it should still be expected to work as NXP documents. Though we ourselves have not really tested this, so I can’t guarantee anything at this time.

Best Regards,

Your competitors provide support on secure boot for imx8x, imx8mm and imxmp SOM. They provide step-by-steps instructions while Toradex simply ignores this feature as device security becomes significantly important.