Is AHAB Secure Boot supported on Apalis IMX8X on Ixora

Does Toradex support or has Toradex integrated AHAB in Toradex Yocto BSP 5.1.0 and is there any documentation describing the secure boot configuration for the iMX8x Apalis by Toradex?

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In terms of Toradex Support of AHAB. The short answer is “no”. The longer answer is that currently we do not do anything with HAB/AHAB here at Toradex. Meaning we expect the feature to work as NXP documents. As far as we know we have not done any changes that should affect this feature. Also we’ve done very minimal work and testing surrounding NXPs built-in secure boot features so there’s unfortunately no documentation we can give you from our side. At the present time the best source would be the NXP documentation.

However if something does not work as NXP documents and you suspect it may be on our side, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Also we plan to in the future do more work surrounding HAB/AHAB. So this statement may change in the future.

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Despite NXP calling that ahab-container this is actually the SECO firmware. And that developer website article should actually show a nice up-to-date table which one applies to what, not?

It depends on what version of the Apalis iMX8X you have.

There’s a table on that document that shows the following

Apalis iMX8X V1.1A and earlier: mx8qxb0-ahab-container.img
Apalis iMX8X V1.1B and later: mx8qxc0-ahab-container.img

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Hi Jeremias,

there is some documentation. Build U-Boot and Linux Kernel from Source Code | Toradex Developer Center

Which of the mx8qmb0-ahab-container.img, mx8qxb0, mx8qxc0 apply to the imx8x Apalis?