Downloading Toradex Easy Installer failed in imx8x with Viola Plust


Continuing the topic mentioned above, I now have access to recovery mode (UART-TTL access where I can use ums 0 mmc 0) but I have an issue when using the recovery-windows.bat (or command.


1:14     1/ 1 [HID(W):LIBUSB_ERROR_IO                ] SDPS: boot -f ../imx-boot-recoverytezi

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Downloading Toradex Easy Installer failed...

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To address the issue you’re encountering with the Toradex Easy Installer on your iMX8X with the Viola Plus board, let’s proceed with a systematic approach. Since you have access to recovery mode and are facing difficulties with the recovery-windows.bat or scripts, here are some steps and considerations to ensure a successful installation of the latest TorizonOS version:

  1. Check the USB Cable and Port: Ensure that you’re using a reliable USB cable and connect it to a USB 2.0 port on your host machine. USB 3.0 ports can sometimes cause issues during the recovery process due to differences in signaling.

  2. OTG Configuration: Although the Viola board does not have the same OTG mode jumper as mentioned for the Ixora Carrier Board, verify that your board setup is correct for entering recovery mode. For Viola, ensure that any necessary jumpers or switches are correctly set for USB OTG support.

  3. Avoid Virtual Machines: If you’re running the recovery process from within a virtual machine, consider switching to a native environment. Virtual machines can complicate USB device handling, especially when devices re-enumerate as often as they do during the recovery process.

  4. Use a Linux Host if Possible: Given the error message and the fact that you’ve tried both the Windows and Linux scripts, if you haven’t already, try running the process from a Linux host. Linux tends to handle USB device enumeration more gracefully, which might circumvent the issue you’re experiencing.

  5. UMS Mode: Since you mentioned having UART-TTL access and the ability to use ums 0 mmc 0, it suggests you can interact with U-Boot directly. This mode turns the eMMC into a USB mass storage device, accessible from the host PC. While not directly related to the Toradex Easy Installer, it’s a useful fallback method for manually flashing images if the standard recovery process fails.

  6. Retry the Recovery Process: Before initiating the recovery process, ensure your device is correctly in recovery mode. Power off the device, enter recovery mode according to the Viola documentation, and then connect it to your host machine before running the recovery script again.

If after following these steps you still encounter issues, it might be indicative of a more specific problem with the board, the host environment, or the recovery image being used. Since direct troubleshooting is limited to the information provided, ensure that the recovery image is compatible with your

Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

Troubleshoot | Toradex Developer Center.

Hi @neuberfran ,

I checked the other topic you mentioned and it seems that you are doing the correct procedure, since it’s still failing, I recommend following the RMA process here, so I can receive this module to do some tests.

Do you see any issues in following this procedure?

Best regards,
Daniel Morais



In reality, I won’t be able to fill out the RMA completely because I bought this kit on ebay (second-hand from a private user) paying 92 dollars plus 86 dollars in taxes.

I’m in São Paulo until Wednesday (so far from the kit and I can’t be 100% sure if I can use at least version 5.3.0) but I’m sure my imx8qxp module is 1.0B version.

Therefore, this Link above should definitely reflect my problem. In other words, at most I will have version 5.3.0.

In this sense, I want to count on your understanding so that I can exchange my module for another version 01D (Since I never knew about this weakness) and in this way continue my project of having kernel 5.16 (Or higher) in imx8qxp.

Hi @neuberfran ,

Version V1.0B has the limitations mentioned on the thread, your only alternative here is to test this specific version of Easy Installer, I’m afraid you may also face issues with Torizon versions, since this version is not supported anymore.

Unfortunately, we can’t exchange your module, so we recommend you contact one of our local offices and purchase a new one or direct this issue to the private user you bought the module.

Best regards,
Daniel Morais