Docker-compose: command not found

I have been using vs code and the latest release of the torizon IDE extension.
I created several different projects using both Uno Project and Avalonia.

Following what a i think was an update to Docker, I can no longer deploy/degug any projects to my iMX8 module.
The problem results in the following error when trying to run the project.
emphasized text docker-compose : command not found

This appears to be due to that v1 Docker used “docker-compose” command
and Docker v2 uses “docker compose” command

So when vs code is executing a task e.g. docker-compose -p torizon down --remove-orphans,
the command fails.

How do I resolve this?

Greetings @ObiTwo,

This sounds like the same issue as here: Problem with tutorial "Build and Run your First Python Application"

As seen in the marked solution on that post the templates have been updated to use docker compose going forward. You can see this now if you use the early access version of the extension and update the templates, or just wait a bit as this fix will be in the upcoming V2.4.0 release of the extension.

You could also manually modify the tasks.json in your project to use docker compose instead of docker-compose.

Best Regards,

Thanks for the update,
I have now updated the tasks.json and successfully built and deployed the application. Thanks.

Glad I was able to help!