Problem with tutorial "Build and Run your First Python Application"

I have problems working trough the tutorial “Build and Run your First Python Application”
I already contacted support by e-mail and got the Ticket Number Ticket#2024011510000068. But I didn’t get any answer yet.

1.) Problem with tutorial

I have problems with the tutorial chapter “Build and Run your First Python Application” Step 9.

Build and Run your First Python Application | Toradex Developer Center

I am using Windows and I have installed WSL and Torizon IDE as described in the tutorial in the previous chapters.

I have a Colibri iMX7 Som, which resides on an Aster Motherboard.

When I press RUN AND DEBUG under Torizon ARMv7 then the script shown below is executed until the command docker-compose isn’t found.
I don’t have any idea where I should search for this command.

2.) Warning message on logging on
There are further observations, which I can’t explain, and which could possibly have something to do with the problem shown above.

When I logon with the PuTTY to my target, then I get the message:



3.) Scan for network devices in Torizon IDE doesn’t work
When I press the button “Scan for network devices” in the Torizon IDE my target device isn’t found, and the IDE goes in an end-less loop without any message what is wrong on the std out.

Greetings @Forti,

For point 1, as you said it looks like the docker-compose command isn’t installed on your development PC. Could you try installing this as documented here: Overview of installing Docker Compose | Docker Docs

See if this clears up the issue. It should be enough to just install it standalone without having to install all of Docker Desktop.

For point 2, that is just an informational message to let you know this device has been configured to work with the IDE extension. There’s nothing wrong here.

For point 3, it’s hard to say what the issue could be here. Perhaps the extension can’t scan your network interface from within WSL where it runs? Or do you have multiple network interfaces?

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New information as I ran this issue by our IDE team. So it may be the case you have docker compose installed but the template uses the old docker-compose. Notice the slight difference in the command (-). The team let me know this is going to be fixed in the upcoming V2.4.0 of the extension as seen here: assets: tasks: Update docker-compose to docker compose · toradex/vscode-torizon-templates@aa402a1 · GitHub

If you want to fix this manually you can try modifying the tasks.json in your project to use docker compose instead of docker-compose.

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Hi Jeremias

Thank you for your answer.

I changed docker-compose to docker_compose in tasks.json and noticed that docker_compose is also not available in my system.

As a Linux beginner I have to ask how to install docker-compose on my system ?

Best regards


I installed the docker-compose on the WSL layer with apt install docker-compose and now everything works fine.

Glad to hear you were able to solve the issue and progress!

Be carefull with installing two docker runtimes!
The Toradex instruction for WSL 2 ( Configure Build Environment for Torizon Containers | Toradex Developer Center) states:
Install Docker Desktop ( or Docker Engine ) on Windows . WSL than uses this Docker runntime automatically!

I did wrongly install Docker Desktop and Docker in WSL and always hat probles during deployment or debugging.
See Deploy Project sshpass throws exit code 18

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Hi @dan,

Thank you for sharing your experience/findings here as well.