Disappearing Tracks

Good afternoon Sirs,

I am finalizing a PCI, and would like to do a “finishing” between the tracks and the tracks.

Similar to the attached photo. Same as on the boards of the Evaluation Board, or Iris.

What I would like to do: Add two semi-arcs on each side of the trail.

It turns out that when I put a side, OK. When I add the other side, it deletes the previous one.

I have already disabled the “Automatically Remove Loops” function in the “Interactive Routing Options”.

I put a link from a Youtube video to exemplify what is happening.

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Good morning @dlmmartins,
thank you very much for contacting the Toradex community.

The semi arcs that connects the track to the VIAs are called teardrops and there is a tool that can place them automatically.

You need simply to execute the command: tools->teardrops. Then you need to specify that you want to add the teardrops and if you want to add them on all the PCB or only on a selected objects.

I would not recommend to enable the option “force teardrops” because sometime creates some weird shapes that are not easily detectable.

I hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need any further help.


This is what I need. I did not know about this tool. I saw in the PCBs and thought it was manual. I did it through the tool, and it stayed the way I would.

Thank you again for your help.