Dimensioned drawing for JTAG pogo pin connector placement on custom carrier board for Colibri VF61

We’ve been designing our custom carrier board for Colibri VF61 module, and we’ve been handling the JTAG connection.
In the schematics of the Evaluation Board there is only the following image

In this thread I found a description of the signals connected to JTAG pogo pin connector for Colibri module (
Could you confirm the following list?
1 | e | TDI
2 | d | TDO
3 | a | TCK
4 | b | TRST#
5 | c | TMS
6 | f | NC

Could you provide a dimensioned drawing which shows where to place the pogo pin connector on a custom carrier board?

Dear @vix,

Sorry for the delay. Best would be if you can have a look at our Colibri Evaluation Board design data where we actually placed the pogo pins. You can find the complete design data in Altium Designer format here:
Let us know if you are not able to use the Altium data.

Unfortunately I’m not able to open Altium data.
Could you provide .dxf files, please?
Or can you provide a free software to open Altium files, please?

Dear @vix,
you can download for free the Altium Design Viewer here:
We recommend this solution because allows you to open the complete project.
Please let me know if something like that would be enough

In addition, I would like to mention that you can also download from our developer website the 3D models (STEP and EASM) of the Colibri Evaluation Board, this can aòsp be used to get this information.

Lastly, I have also created one picture showing the pin one 1 position of the JTAG connector, measured from the SODIMM Pin 2 landing pad and the two SODIMM connector mounting holes. [upload|Rb+ccfESu80woDsD3/8/a9xd1RY=]

I have also created a picture showing the JTAG connector dimension and pin assignment. [upload|FzI3P9khkkqTYPzJwxNwyAOSFVU=]

We recommend any way to use the previously mentioned tools, you can get way more information out of them.
I hope this helps!

Hi @vix,

As Diego mentioned earlier, you can use Altium Viewer to view the Altium deisgner CAE files.
Another option is to use Circuitmaker ( https://circuitmaker.com/ ), which allow to import Altium Project.

Please use the following link to download the Colibri Evaluation Board DXF file:


The DXF file for the Colibri Evaluation board has been generated using Altium Designer and the exported data is not verified. Please note that Toradex is not responsible for any issues with these exported files (any error or compatibility issues).