Default device trees for audio codex support - Verdin imx8mini


We are developing a PCB that is going to use an audio codec. We currently develop on the Dahlia board, but the codec on that board is not in storage anymore at the manufacturers.
Our quetion is: Does Toradex have any default device trees that we can use for any other codec uses? I assume that there is one for the NAU8822 codec, since the Verdin Eval board uses that one. But are there any other default device-trees for any different codecs?

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As you’re planning to use a custom PCB, I suggest you have a look at the Verdin Carrier Board Design Guide. It has plenty of useful information for you to create your own.

Like you correctly said, the Verdin Development Board uses a different codec than the Dahlia as stated here: Audio (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center.

You can find sample device-trees on our github: GitHub - toradex/device-trees: Device tree, device tree overlays and related header files. Used by TorizonCore Builder.. You could have a look for instance here: device-trees/imx8mm-verdin-dev.dtsi at toradex_5.4-2.3.x-imx · toradex/device-trees · GitHub.

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