Verdin imx8 Plus – defining which Audio CODEC to use

I am building a Yocto boot2Qt 5.15 stack for Verdin iMX8M-Plus (V1.0E) on Dahlia V1.1 board. BSP 5.4.154
The build is referencing the wrong CODEC. The fix is to perform the following before starting the kernel:

  1. Enter into U-boot (press any button in 1 sec)
  2. setenv fdt_board dahlia (instead of ‘dev’)
  3. saveenv
  4. reset

Is it possible to configure it in the Yocto Build, e.g., menuconfig?
How to configure the build to use imx8mp-verdin-nonwifi-dahlia.dts?

Hi @pshulam,

All of our images come with the device tree for our development board because Linux has no way to know which carrier board it’s using. That’s why you need to set the right device tree in uBoot.

Yes, you can do that with Yocto, you just need to add a custom layer with the device tree that you want to use. Please, read this guide on how to do it: Custom meta layers, recipes and images in Yocto Project (hello-world examples) | Toradex Developer Center

Best Regards,