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The C/C++ thread has been happily resolved
C/C++ Development - Technical Support - Toradex Community
but I tried to create new projects for C# and Python - unfortunately I get errors ( description in attachment )
Csharp python.pdf (224.3 KB)

Dear @JanuszK, hope you’re doing good :slight_smile:

On one of your python errors, it states that the error is linked with wsl.exe. Can you please try reinstalling WSL in your host machine?

About the C# one, do you have any additional log information?
Does this happen everytime?
How did you create this project?
Can you please share this project with us? You can either use share.toradex.com or even send us a private message either here or at support@toradex.com. This way, we can try to replicate it on our side if it’s something more complex.

By the way, screenshots can have much useful information but for debugging it is usually better to have some of the text pasted for us to find errors more easily and check the commands that we’d need to reproduce.

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Dear @JanuszK, are you still facing these issues?

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Dear @gclaudino.tx |

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Sorry for my silent.I changed my computer for a new one (the previous one died and I lost a lot of data). And now step by step I recreate the configurations: VS code, WSL and and tomorrow and day after tomorrow I will install the other components . I’m using Windows 10. I’m performing operations according to
Configure Build Environment for Torizon Containers | Toradex Developer Center

Torizon Application Development With Visual Studio Code | Toradex Developer Center

and remember to use Toradex Torizon Support ( Early Access v. 1.5.208 ).
I will immediately write about the results of the reinstallation - I hope for complete success.

best regards
Janusz Kopczyk

Dear @JanuszK,

Have you been able to test it after reinstallation?

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My Verdin board working fine under Visual Studio Code , l’m using C++ and Python. Key was ubuntu 18.04 , docker, wsl 2 . Toradex extension is 1.6.
At now camera from Arducam


Hi @JanuszK, thanks for updating!

Can we tag this post as solved, then?

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