Create new user for Toradex image to login using the VSCode Toradex Torizon Support extension


I have the Toradex Linux image (not the Torizon image) installed on my Apalis iMX8 with Ixora.
I can login using Putty root user and no password.
However I am not able to login via the VSCode Toradex Torizon support extension with root. I get the message saying root access is disabled.
So how do I create a new user for this Toradex image, other than ‘root’, something like ‘user1’ similar to the ‘torizon’ user on the Torizon image? This might allow me to add the board and bypass the root login.

Note: For some reason the Torizon images are not installing and I have raised this issue on this community seperately.

Hello @SJ_BHD

Unfortunately, the Toradex Reference images do not support the use of the VS Code extension. You can see the differences between Torizon and the Toradex Reference images here :

Regarding your issue with the installation of Torizon, could you please provide us with more information on that topic?

Best regards,
Josep Rubi Vives