Ixora board Apalis SOM unable to load Torizon core image

I am following the instructions as per the following link for my ApalisiMX8 Ixora board and have successfully flashed the Toradex Easy installer many times before using the same procedure.

Earlier when I tried to flash the easy installer, the board was simply not being recognized.
I also tried 2 different USB-B cables but got the same response.
Normally, as soon as you go into recovery , a USB sound is heard and then the recovery script runs successfully.

Following this first report, I removed the SOM, waited for a while and once again inserted the SOM and now I can go into recovery mode and run the script.
I am trying to install the Torizon version (tried both the Torizon versions shown -with and without preempt_RT) and I could not see any login screen which normally comes up. However I could load the board with the wayland Toradex minimal reference image.

I have also connected via the serial UART (see the attached image) after loading the Torizon image and powering up again. Please can you let me know what is happening here.

Dear @SJ_BHD
Regarding your issue with the USB cables, please be aware that some cables are only meant for power delivery, with no data transfer capabilities.

Could you please share more information about the module you are using? Is it an iMX8X or an iMX8QM?

Which version of module, Ixora carrier board and Easy Installer are you using?

See the attached link

Best regards,
Josep Rubi Vives

Dear @SJ_BHD,

How are you? Are you still facing this issue?

Best regards.