ConfigBlockEditor on iMX6 under WEC2013: How to set pins in batch mode?


we have to set the state of a GPIO at bootime. Doing this from the bootloader menu works fine. But we have to do this for a number of units, so we want to use the configblockeditor (V1.13) in batch mode which should be integrated in the install script. How is the syntax for this? The description at Config Block | Toradex Developer Center were not working for us.


Dear @Tom99

I tested the ConfigBlockEditor’s batch mode as follows:

I created a file cbe.cfg with the following content:

setconfig dbg.serial 1
saveconfig dbg

…and ran this batch from within the ConfigBlockEditor.
I successfully verified in the ConfigBlockEditor, as well as from the Bootloader Menu that the change was applied as expected.

However, we just detected a bug, that it is not possible to clear a section

clearconfig dbg

does not have any effect. The bug does not only affect the batch mode, but also the GUI interface as well.

As a workaround, you could use setconfig to set all the default values, instead of clearing a section.

How urgent would you need a fixed version of the Config Block Editor ?

Regards, Andy