Cannot connect to Apalis iMX8 Ixora board over serial connection with VSCode Torizon extension

I can see my Apalis IMX8 SOM on Ixora board connected to the debug port on COM3 from device manager.
When I try to connect to the board using the Toradex Torizon extension in VSCode v1.71.0 on serial, I get an error as follows.

[08-06 11:02:48.204] Serial port error.

[08-06 11:02:48.205] Error (536) - Serial port error: [Errno 2] could not open port COM3: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘COM3’

I have also tried COM3: and COM 3 , but get the same error.

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Hi @SJ_BHD, how are you?

Thanks for reporting this behaviour. We’ve been able to reproduce it and we’ll come back to you once we have a proper solution.

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Hello @gclaudino.tx -any updates on the serial connection?

If a docker container can be made on the host machine (PC/laptop) with the Torizon extension in VSCode, where is this container located?
Then maybe one option could be to scp this container to the board using a tool like Putty instead if trying to connect to board in VSCode with extension.


This has not been corrected yet but the ticket is open and the team will be working on it. Would you be able to connect to your module on the extension using SSH?

Just to confirm, do you want to run the extension inside a Container and then connect through the board using this specific container? To see the containers running on your machine you can use docker ps.

Edit: To see the container images on your PC even those that are not running you can use docker images. The images will be stored in the local registry and you can use the extension to push the images to the board through ssh.

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Hi @SJ_BHD !

Do you have news on this topic?

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@henrique.tx @gclaudino.tx

I believe the issue with this is the dependency of the Torizon VSCode extension on WSL2.

If you check the following link for WSL1 and WSL2 comparisons :roll_eyes:

In this page within the section for Exceptions for using WSL1 versus WSL2, it states

  • WSL 2 does not include support for accessing serial ports.

So the next question would be if the Torizon extensions in VSCode can work with WSL1??

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Shantanu Jadhav

Hi @SJ_BHD !

According to our documentation, it is meant for WSL2 only:

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Can the extension be updated to work with WSL1?

Hello @SJ_BHD ,

Can the extension be updated to work with WSL1?

Most probably not. In the meantime you can try connecting to your board via SSH using the Ethernet connection.
Can you explain your use case? Is the serial connection mandatory for you?

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In the office environment, we have a corporate VPN that blocks the Toradex extensions and also the libraries from debian.
So wanted to download these on a separate machine and then install them via serial.

Hi @SJ_BHD !

Doing this way, you will most probably stumble on some other issue related to the lack of access to the online feeds in the future.

Can’t your VPN allow the specific URLs needed for development?

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Hi @SJ_BHD !

Do you have any updates regarding this topic?

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