Can the iMX8plus support a 4k15p dual camera?

I would like to connect two cameras to iMX8m Plus SOM on custom own board. According to Toradex Verdin iMX8m Plus SOM specs, both MIPI CSI can support up to 266 MHz pixel clock.
I estimate my camera to be approximately 124 MHz pixel clock.

Is it possible to have a 4k dual camera input if these camera clock requirements are met?

Are there any other considerations that need to be taken into account

Camera : 3840x2160x15 = about 124MHz pixel clock.(Ignore the margin region)
SOM : Verdin iMX8M Plus V1.0D

Hi @p-uchi , you should also consider the VPU encoding capabilities, which seems to ve be limited to 1080p60 in the i.MX8MP. Otherwise you will have to use SW accelaration which could be very very slow / 100% CPU usage.

I see some users commenting in NXP forum about encoding 4K with i.MX8MP and NXP discouraging this because of limitations of the SW control:

We recently added VPU support in Torizon, so let us know if you need more help on this.

A single 4k camera seems to be too much. Dual then… :sweat_smile:

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Hi, @alvaro.tx -san.

Thank you for your response.
I can understand what you are advising “The video encoder is very slow without VPU”.

If speed is not an issue, is it theoretically possible to use dual 4Kp15 cameras (3840x2160x15) with imx8mp?
Our application is only to receive 4K video for image processing, not for recording or displaying.

Right, in that case VPU should not matter.

Yes, theoretically sounds possible. Unfortunately not tested by us so this is unknown territory.

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