Boot up Linux and Android from mSata and PCIe/Mini PCIe Interface

i have Toradex iMX6Q, iMX6ULL and iMX8x with the Apalis/Colibri Carrier Board, Iris Carrier Board and Ixora Carrier Board (ordered already but NOT yet received the items). i need to implement to boot up the Linux system and Android system from mSATA/mini PCIe/PCIe interface. From the website, Boot From an SD Card / USB Stick / SATA drive | Toradex Developer Center , i only see the “Toradex Easy Installer” can install on the SATA. May i confirm if i can boot up the Linux/Android from all the interfaces, mSATA/mini PCIe/PCIe interface?

Colibri modules do not have SATA or PCIe.
You can boot Apalis iMX6 from SATA using run sata_boot U_Boot command.

can i boot Apalis iMX6 from PCIe?

By default PCIe support does not included in our version of U_Boot.

@llks: What do you mean PCIe boot? Ethernet or do you have a different media connected to PCIe?