ApolloX startup output log

I am trying the ApolloX extension in VSCode and following startup of VSCode, the output log that I am getting is as follows. Note that I have installed powershell, docker, nmap, iputils-ping and file in WSL2. Why am I still getting this error?

[12-16 09:16:11.615] Activating ApolloX Torizon …

[12-16 09:16:11.615] Resolving host IP address …

[12-16 09:16:11.767] ERROR :: Docker is not installed. Please install Docker: Docker Engine installation overview | Docker Documentation

[12-16 09:16:11.816] ERROR :: Docker compose is not installed. Please install Docker compose Overview | Docker Documentation

[12-16 09:16:11.866] ERROR :: PowerShell Core is not installed. Please install: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/install/installing-powershell-on-linux?view=powershell-7.2

[12-16 09:16:11.919] ERROR :: git is not installed.

[12-16 09:16:11.965] ERROR :: avahi-resolve is not installed.

[12-16 09:16:12.022] ERROR :: nmap is not installed.

[12-16 09:16:12.073] ERROR :: iputils-ping is not installed.

[12-16 09:16:12.121] ERROR :: file is not installed.

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Please check this other topic that seems to be very similar to the issue you are facing.

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Do you have news regarding this topic?

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