i am trying to get the ‘Torizon VS Code Extension v2 (ApolloX)’ to run but i am confronted with multiple issues from the start.

Vs Code Output:

[11-07 13:51:02.048] Activating ApolloX Torizon ...
[11-07 13:51:02.048] Resolving host IP address ...
[11-07 13:51:02.266] ERROR :: Docker is not installed. Please install Docker:
[11-07 13:51:02.343] ERROR :: Docker compose is not installed. Please install Docker compose
[11-07 13:51:02.425] ERROR :: PowerShell Core is not installed. Please install:
[11-07 13:51:02.503] ERROR :: git is not installed.
[11-07 13:51:02.587] ERROR :: avahi-resolve is not installed.
[11-07 13:51:02.668] ERROR :: nmap is not installed.
[11-07 13:51:02.749] ERROR :: iputils-ping is not installed.
[11-07 13:51:02.833] ERROR :: file is not installed.
[11-07 13:51:03.137] Error trying to install git iputils-ping nmap avahi-utils file
[11-07 13:51:03.339] Error trying to install PowerShell
[11-07 13:51:03.438] ERROR :: PowerShell Core is not installed. Please install:
[11-07 13:51:03.438] ERROR :: GIT not installed, is not possible initialize project template subsystem
[11-07 13:51:03.439] Checking connected devices ...
[11-07 13:51:03.439] Scanning Torizon devices ...
[11-07 13:51:03.468] ERROR :: Errors during the initialization of ApolloX Torizon Extension.
[11-07 13:51:03.468] HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!
[11-07 13:51:03.468] PLEASE READ THE LOGS!
[11-07 13:51:03.470] No device selected as default
[11-07 13:51:03.470] Please select a registered device as default device
[11-07 13:51:03.956] Debian packages list load OK

Vs Code Errors

I am running WSL2 with Ubuntu-22.04 and all Prerequisite Dependencies are installed as per your instructions here GitHub - toradex/torizon-experimental-torizon-ide-v2-docs: VS Code Torizon Integrated Development Environment Documentation

Hi @SimonBaur !

Have you tried to perform the “Reload Window” command of VS Code?

Also, where did you install the dependencies? On Windows side or in WSL side?

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Hi @henrique.tx ,

yes i tried “Reload Window”, restart VS Code or Windows Reboot also did not work.

On the WSL side i installed gnupg, Docker Engine, Docker Compose and Visual Studio Code on the Windows side.

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please uninstall the extension and make sure to install it in the “WSL remote” environment.

For example type in a WSL terminal:

code .

This will open the VS Code with a connection to WSL, you can check if it’s correct by the label on the footer bottom left:


Now you can install the extension on the WSL environment. Also you will notice that there will now be a button with the label Install in WSL: Ubuntu instead only Install.

Let us know if this works for you,
Best Regards.

Hallo @matheus.castello

your proposed solution does work but i also had to install the VS code WSL extension WSL - Visual Studio Marketplace

So my steps where:

  1. Uninstall the ApolloX extension
  2. Install the WSL extension
  3. Launch vs code from a WSL terminal as you described
  4. Install the ApolloX extension

And then everything worked as it works on linux. Maybe you could enhance your instructions to include this.

Best Regards

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Great! Thanks for reporting, we will add this to the documentation.

Best Regards