Apalis two sided carrier board

Hi, since we are only using the Apalis T30 UART, SPI and 10/100 Ethernet interfaces…(the slow stuff), has anyone produced a 2 sided carrier board design ?..Altium would be nice.

Dear @ASIQ,

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First of all, I would like to check with you if you considered already to use the Colibri T30 module instead of the Apalis T30. Since you are going to implement slow speed interface, I think that it makes sense to check this detail.

Regarding the two layers carrier board: I would say that if the PCB area will be enough, it should be doable. You will probably end up having quite thick traces to match the required impedance and you would need to make sure to provide a good reference plane for the differential pairs but this is probably doable.

If not done already, please have a look at our layout design guide:


I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the community if needed.

Hi Diego.tx,

Thanks for your response…yes we also looked at the Colibri T30 (Industrial temperature) but decided on the Apalis for the following reasons;

  1. It has a ready made solution for heat dissipation (attachable heat sink). We are operating in a high temperature environment.
  2. The Apalis being a larger CoM board should have better thermal properties ( operate cooler)
  3. Also its nice to start with a CoM that has future provisioning with more interfaces.

Having said that, now that we are time critical maybe the simpler Colibri module might be easier to start with…

Thanks we will consider our options…

Dear @ASIQ,

your considerations are definitely really valid and if you need to use your product in high-temperature environments the Apalis standard offers probably better features in this regards.

I only pointed it out to make sure you considered this aspect, It looks like that you really did well your homework :-).

I honestly would not say that the Apalis standard is more complex than the Colibri. Like you correctly pointed out, it provides already the thermal solution so you will be able to save the time required for this aspect.

Anyway, in either case, please don’t hesitate to get back to us if you need any further help!

Thank you for your comments. I will look at how we can conveniently add fan less cooling to the Colibri T30I.

No worries at all! I wish you a nice day!