Apalis Module Standoffs

Are the mounting holes for the apalis module need to be electrically connected to GND or chassis GND if we use the Wurth standoffs mentioned in the datasheet?


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The five stand offs that are required to mount the Apalis module and its thermal solution don’t need to be connected to any net. This means that you can leave the mounting holes unconnected.
We have not connected these stand offs on our carrier boards neither.

Since you are working on a carrier board design, I think that it make sense to mention the following page:


It contains the complete Altium projects of our carrier boards. These projects can be also opened with the freely available Altium viewer (available here: http://www.altium.com/products/downloads).

In addition, I would also recommend to have a look to the following page:


These three design guides are really full of useful information related to carrier board design.

And lastly, I would also recommend to have a look to our pin out designer tool:


It is a powerful software which will guide you through the pin muxing process and will allow you to easily select the standard and secondary features provided by our modules.

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