Apalis iMX6 doesn't boot anymore (not even U-Boot): Error 42 from dqs calibration

Hi Toradex Community,

I have been working with an Apalis iMX6 v1.1Y on an Ixora Carrier Board v1.2.

This morning, I booted the device and got this serial output

The board doesn’t even reach U-Boot.

I tried to follow this solution: Stuck in Commercial temperature grade DDR3 timings. Trying to boot from MMC1 - Technical Support - Toradex Community
But it did not work. I launch the board in recovery via hardware mechanism (short the JP4 recovery pins for more than 6 seconds) and am connected to my PC with the Debug cable and JP2 jumper removed.

Launching the recovery gives me the following output:

And I am kind of stuck there with this board. I have spare iMX6’s but this one seems unusable for now. Not sure how it happened overnight or what to do to fix it from here.

Thank you,

If your module still on warranty (2 years from date of purchasing) you can return it for repair/replacement. Please use this RMA form.

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