Apalis Eval Board and i.MX8QuadMax

I am planning to work on project which supports hypervisor.
I have identified that Apalis i.MX8QuadMax board will solve my requirements. But then i came accros
Apalis Eval Board. Dose this board contain the i.MX8QuadMax processor? or should i have to stick with Apalies i.MX8QuadMax board and get the other required carrier boards?

No Toradex carrier board comes with a CPU, RAM, eMMC, etc. All the primary components are located on the module itself. This module needs to be inserted into a carrier board, either a Toradex version or one custom-built by the customer to fit specific requirements. For any Apalis module, including the Apalis i.MX8QuadMax, you can opt for the Apalis Eval Board or the Ixora carrier board.

Thank you alex for the information.
Just to make sure my understanding is correct, i need to buy/order the following boards:

  1. Apalis Eval Board/Ixora carrier board
  2. Apalis iMX8 QuadMax 4GB IT
    Are the customised carrier boards available? Do i need to check on the partner websites or can i place a order with Toradex?
    Also do i get support for compilation/debug tools?

es, you will need one carrier board that is compatible with the Apalis family and one module. Only the Apalis Evaluation Board or the Ixora Board can be ordered directly from Toradex. For other boards, please contact our partners directly.
FOr application development please follow this quick start guide.
Some more useful links:

Thank you very much alex.
Are there any debug tools available for iMX8QuadMax module?

Hi alex,
is there hypervisor support for iMX8M Plus?
If yes dose it support xen or JailHouse?

Images provided by Toradex do not support a hypervisor. However, NXP offers an i.MX Virtualization User’s Guide that might be of assistance to you. For any further questions related to virtualization, please direct your inquiries to the NXP community.

thank you alex for the reply.
Okay i will contact NXP community.