Add easy installer feed for local server

I would be glad if I could add a configuration file (like tezi_config.json) to easy installer image.json/filelist (without using SD card or USB flash drive) containing feed list additions like
So it would be possible without GUI interaction and without using removable media to install an image via RNDIS.

Hi @stefan.baumgart !

Have you tried the steps that we have in our documentation? Specifically the From a Local Web Server Announced via Zeroconf section.

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Hi @henrique.tx

I am using Windows 10 inside a Network without DHCP. So it is not possible to use an AVAHI service.
I wrote my own local web server based on winsock.ocx as a feed source for TEZI.
It works but it is not capable of zeroconf.
That’s why TEZI can not automatically detect the feed source.

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Hello @stefan.baumgart,

yes if you use the classic way of selecting a feed in the menu you have to typ the IP address manually.


Hello @matthias.tx,

my feature request was to not have to use the classic way of typing the IP address manually.
This could be realized, as described in my first post, by supplying the TEZI with a configuration file that already contains the link to the feed.
This way neither zeroconf nor manual input would be necessary.


Hi @stefan.baumgart,

Well, if you can’t use Zeroconf/AVAHI/DHCP, I think that your last resource would be to set up redirection on a DNS setup, as you can see in the Custom Image Server without Local Media section of Toradex Easy Installer - Detailed Manual article.

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