How to load tezi_config.json from tftp server along with boot.scr

How to load the tezi_config.json from the tftp server? So that I can point the easy installer to my feed server.

I was able to download the tezi_config.json from tftp server by updating the boot.cmd file. But my local http server is not reflected in the feed source list. If I try to boot using USB device, then it works without issue.

Hello @jesvinonnet ,

Could you please explain your use case for such a request?

I don’t know about TFTP but you could use use mDNS to announce a server running on your computer:[…]ounced-via-zeroconf

You can launch a twistd web server on the port shown in the tezi.service file and it all should work just fine.

Detailed Manual | Toradex Developer Center

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Hi @josep.tx ,

Thank you for the reply. I have seen this. It is working good. I am looking for a CICD OS update on the toradex board. So we have the easy installer hosted on the tftp server and the OS image on the http server. With zeroconf, we need to host 3 servers to make this work. TFTP, zeroconf and http. I am looking for a solution to make it bit more simple.

Hi @jesvinonnet ,

Quick tip from my side. Maybe you want to have a look at Torizon.

This might help you in your endeavours. Let me know if you have questions about Torizon.

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Hi @kevin.tx ,

Thank you for the link. I already seen this. We can’t use the OTA feature because our devices will not have internet connection at the site. So we are looking for an offline update feature.

Right now we concluded with another approach. We will host he easy installer and custom image together as a zip in an http server. Colibri board will download it into the SD card and will boot from SD card next time and delete the files on success. Do you see any issues with this approach or is there any other good way to do this?