24 bit lvds on carrier board for t30

currently we are using T30 modules on Iris carrier board. As far as I can understand LVDS display adapter has only 18 bit color depth. Is that true? Is there available a “standard” carrier board that has the possibility to drive 24bit lvds output?

Hi @Lerimini,

I guess you are talking about the LVDS connector (X7) on the Iris Carrier Board.
You are correct; by default Iris carrier board and Colibri evaluation board both has single channel, 18 bit LVDS interface only.

Our Apalis computer-on-module products and carrier boards supports dual channel, 24bit LVDS interface. You can use either Apalis Evaluation Board or Ixora carrier board.




Let me know, if you have any further query.

Best Regards,
Satyan Raj