1024x600 Display on Apalis T30

Apalis T30
Eval Board
Apalis-T30-_LXDE-Image 2.8b7
10.1" Display


I am attempting to port my display settings from WEC7/8 to Angstrom LXDE 2.8b7 (previous .reg settings are attached below). I can view the OS on a DVI connection to a monitor, but when I plug into our touch screen I do not get any video output. Just the backlight is visible. I have looked over the following support posts to see if I could resolve this issue myself:

As I understand it, 1024x600 is not an EDID supported resolution so updating boot environment variables will not help me. I attempted to update tegra30-apalis.dts(seen below) and recompile/deploy the new boot image, but that did not help either.

Is there anything that I am missing?

dmesg and cmdline screenshots:

MDT_Display_Settings.reg (3.0 KB)

That Device Tree records is for RGB interface. Which exactly boot environment variables did you tied?

I updated vidargs to video=tegrafb0:1024x600-16@60. Also tried the M and R flags at the end of the resolution (ex: video=tegrafb0:1024x600M-16@60).

HDMI (DVI) is linked to tegrafb1 (not tegrafb0). Please check for details here.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your help. I was able to get LVDS display output correctly setup with vidargs, but I do have an issue with blur and distorted colors. Is this something I can handle with vidargs as well?


Looks like color mapping or color depth doesn’t match your display spec. Please adjust LVDS transceiver configuration.