Zetakey for Windows EC 2013

We are looking for a browser for our WINCE 2013 T30 Colibri modules. On consulting the Toredex website, this solution jumped out as the most applicable, ZetaKey Web Browser.
There was also a Bsquare and IE option highlighted but these seemed like secondary options for us. On attempting to install this browser, we were halted by this error “Unable to import library MSVCR110.dll ! Program will exit.”

I called up Zetakey today and they informed me that the issue usually revolves around the cut down SDK version provided by the supplier (Toredex).

Seeing as though the Zetakey product was mentioned on the Toredex site, I was wondering if Toredex already had a working installer for the Zetakey application available, or had some other information on the matter. Also any other person who sees this post, and has tried Zetakey on their EC 2013 device, or any other useful information, would be much appreciated.

Dear @JKDev,

Could you try the answer from this community question : https://www.toradex.com/community/questions/28027/vnc-on-wec-2013-fails-to-run.html.

Please let us know if it doesn’t help.

Thank you this resolved the issue