Yocto support to LCD character display


I’m interested in using simple character display in my project with Yocto Linux but I don’t know how I can do this. I found this tutorial How to use Character LCD but there isn’t a version for Yocto.

Will be necessary develop a Linux driver to handle this kind of display?

Can anyone help me? I have little experience with Toradex boards.


hi carpajr

which version of hardware and software of the module are you using? Do you have datasheet of the display? The tutorial we provide explains how a display can be handled in linux.

Depending on your display, you could use the demo application or you have to build yourself a driver for your display.

Best regards, Jaski

Vast majority of character LCD display are based on Hitachi 44780 controller. We don’t support it directly but lots of resources available.

Yocto :

Standalone :


Hi Jaski,
The LCD display uses Hitachi 44780 controller as you referred.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Hi Carlos,
Did the resources given by toradex.questioner help you?