Yocto roadmap

Hi Toradex developers

We are evaluating the new Colibri i.mx8x and would like to integrate it into our existing yocto build system. I would like first to congrats and thanks you since until now I could do it flawlessly, great job!

My worries is being in sync with your branches. We are trying to follow the Openembedded roadmap and regularly upgrade to the latest stable branch, gatesgarth being the one we are using right now. For the daily releases, we always pull from the latest yocto branch and point to a SHA1 when building a stable release so that the build should be easy to reproduce in the future.

In your layers, I don’t see any gatesgarth branch although the master branch supports it. However, I don’t like staying on master in case you drop gatesgarth support for the next one.

  • Is is planned to branch/tag for other stable branches before switching to a new release?
  • Do you have suggestion to avoid surprises in future releases?

Best regards,


Could you please check this two articles?