Yocto: Mender support for Apalis iMX6Q

After seeing the webinar about secure over-the-air updates I decided that I would try to incorporate mender.io into my boards.

I use Yocto build system. When I started building an image I stumbled upon multiple problems, like wrong native go version, no appropriate filesystem to create mender image, multiple u-boot issues, etc.

My question:
How to make Mender work together with Toradex yocto layers? Could you provide some instruction?

I’m using Apalis imx6q 1gb (with ixora dev-board) and morty branches of toradex yocto layers.

Hello. I am the one who presented the webinar about secure OTA updates with Mender. Many thanks for your interest. We have some work to do to be able to support the Toradex boards more widely, especially related to the specific branches supported in Yocto. Would you be interested in a short call with our team to discuss your requirements and timelines? If so, please drop me a note directly at drew.moseley@northern.tech and we can set something up.