Yocto Build for Torizon-core-docker stucks at do_image_ostreepush


I have been trying to build Yocto image for torizon-core-docker Yocto Build TorizonCore on Ubuntu 20.04.

The build is almost at 99% with only 6 task remaining. do_image_ostreepush task for ‘torizon-core-docker’ take indefinite time to finish causing the build to get stuck for hours. (So, I am not able to complete the build so far)

Please help me understand the problem as what does do_image_ostreepush() does? I would appreciate help to get through this problem.

Greetings @shrinathW,

The “do_image_ostreepush” task pushes a manifest of the build to an OTA server. However by default since no OTA server is defined in the build, this task should basically do nothing. You can see the logic for this task here: https://github.com/advancedtelematic/meta-updater/blob/master/classes/image_types_ostree.bbclass#L168

That being said it’s not clear why your build is hanging on this particular task. Can you see if you have any logs related to this task? The logs should be in the tmp directory of your build directory. For example:

Do these logs reveal any information? Furthermore are you building TorizonCore natively on your Ubuntu machine or in a container? Also have you made any modifications to the build at all?

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Attached log.do_image_ostreepush

I am building TorizonCOre natively on Ubuntu, Also, I am running the build as it is, without any modification. I have double checked that I am building for dunfell. I also tried ‘clean, cleansstate and cleanall’ for torizon-core-docker target, but I see same issue.

I will probably try the build from scratch again in case I have missed anything.

Snapshot of my build configuration:

alt text

Well the log looks correct, but it’s incomplete. Really does seem like your build hangs on this specific task for whatever reason.

For reference here’s what a log for a successful build looks like: log.do_image_ostreepush.

The logs look similar up to DEBUG: Python function extend_recipe_sysroot finished. Then this is where your log ends and where I assume the issue occurs with the build getting stuck. It never actually progresses to the next step of DEBUG: Executing shell function do_image_ostreepush.

Let’s try this. In addition to the log there should be another file run.do_image_ostreepush. This file is a shell script and essentially is what this task is attempting to execute. What happens if you try to execute this script manually, does anything freeze/hang?

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