Yocto Build added unnecessary Packages and libraries

Hi support team,

I have compiled core minimal image in that I seen lots of unnecessary libraries such as x11 related and graphics related things added into the image.so that was increased size of my rootfs.so how can i remove unused library from the yocto build?is there any library list available somewhere or not?

please share helpful thought…

Kanji Viroja.

I assume you setup your build environment as described in the OpenEmbedded-Core article on our developer website.

In which case, the conf/local.conf file has DISTRO = "angstrom-v2015.06". A default DISTRO_FEATURE of Angstrom is x11. You may try adding the following to the conf/local.conf file:

DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " x11"

Yes.that was already I removed.but I want to optimize systemd services and make it light weight and udev → hwdb.d taking much more space.so there is any way to reduce systemd services and udev.

udev-hwdb is a default dependency of systemd’s udev, defined inthe systemd recipe. You either can change that recipe directly, or try using something like BAD_RRECOMMENDS_systemd = "udev-hwdb". However, I am not sure what the side effects are when running systemd/udev without the hardware db.

Another option is to switch to a non-systemd init daemon with a lightweight udev variant. Probably the easiest variant is to use Yocto Poky instead of Ångström, see this blog article how to build a Yocto Poky image.

Thanks stefan.agner.I seen,udev-hwdb stored different hardware database files for matching udev rules.

I think Ångström have more stability compare to poky.so that I preferred Ångström distro.