XAML Application Template C#, C++


I would to make an C# XAML Application for WEC2013 with Visual Studio 2013 but I don’t have the template in the list. And when I try to create a C++ XAML Application, the project creation fails…

My priority is to make a C# XAML application with VS2013, can you help me ? thanks.


XAML on Windows embedded compact does not support .NET and C#. As noted here by Microsoft ( Getting Started with XAML for Windows Embedded (Compact 2013) | Microsoft Docs under Limitations ) you can only use C++.
Also read other limitations because there are quite some.

What is the error you get when creating C++ project?

Hello I install the last sdk today, now I have this error “Datasource file could not be found”.

Did you remove and install SDKs? Bug in Silverlight Embedded Tools: DataSource file could not be found

here someone has same issue and found a solution

Yes i tried, but i have the same issue (with VS2013 for WEC2013 and with VS2008 for WEC7)

Any other idea ? it still does not work…

Can you install this in clean virtual machine? Install Visual Studio 2015 + Application builder + SDK. Maybe there is something on your PC that breaks the settings. I also had to reinstall few times my PC already because of this.

Ok I will try. I also checked in this folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates\VC\Windows Embedded Compact\Toradex_CE800\1033” and I don’t see the xaml application template, is it normal ? I see 9 folders, but not the xaml one…

After some more investigations we think developing XAML applications on VS2013 and VS2015 is only possible using platformbuilder. Please check this answer on this community for some more information.