X86 Build failing

Hello together

I tried today to build the torizon OS for X86:

But I fail at the step:
$ repo init -u …/…/toradex-manifest -b labs -m torizoncore/labs.xml

fatal: couldn’t find remote ref refs/heads/labs
manifests: sleeping 4.0 seconds before retrying
fatal: cannot obtain manifest …/…/toradex-manifest

Repo command failed: UpdateManifestError
Unable to sync manifest torizoncore/labs.xml*

Is it broken? I tried on 2 different machines, on ubuntu 22, i installed repo with:
$ sudo apt-get install repo

Any hints? The folder …/…/toradex-manifest does exist and I execute the commands in the workdir / toradex folder?

I’d suggest having a look at the README in that repository. The x64 project has been relocated and it sounds like the version you are trying to build is the older deprecated one.


You are absolutely right I must had tomatos on my eyes when looking at it…

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