X11vnc is stuck in loading screen while trying to connect with docker

Hello there,

I try to connect to a container running x11vnc, on TorizonCore, on my imx8m-plus board (Yavia).
Whatever I do, when I try to connect, it is stuck in loading screen. Nothing is displayed in the logs, and it works on a raspberry pi 3 with docker, as well as my Ubuntu PC running docker.

Maybe I’m missing a configuration to do on the Toradex board host?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello @EmmanuelC,

Can you link what TorizonCore version you are using, and what method are you using to build the image? TorizonCore Builder?

When you say you are ‘trying to connect to the container’ what does this mean? Are you trying to access the container while ssh’d into the host? Are you inside the container trying to connect outside?


Hello Eric,

I use TorizonCore version 6.1.0, and I flashed directly with Easy Installer.
The docker image is built with a Dockerfile, but it still doesn’t work for example with the official x11vnc image, with the same symptoms (Docker).

The idea is that I map the port 5900 with 5900, and x11vnc starts well in the Docker container.
However, when I try to connect from my PC to the VNC session (from which I can connect by ssh or a web page, so the connection is OK and there is no firewall rules), it tries to open the session indefinitely.

And I have the same issue with noVNC in front: it tries to open indefinitely the session.

Hey @EmmanuelC,

I initially would not expect these docker containers to be able to run. Mainly because the root of docker files need to have information relevant to the drivers/hardware . For your containers, there would need some cross compilation efforts in order to work.

The minimal Debian containers that we provide stem from Bulleye release of Debian. Her e is a guide on them: Debian Containers for Torizon | Toradex Developer Center

What is suggested to to take our base image (that’s appropriate for the application) and add compatible tools/features that are required.


One of our team members linked me an important article referencing X11.
It looks like its a specifically unsupported from the NXP IMX side of things.


Hello @eric.tx!
Thank you very much for this interesting information. For now I focus on other topics, but for sure I will look in a way to use Wayland.
The application turns with pysimplegui (and then tkinter behind). I will let you know as soon as I have moved forward.
Do you any suggestion?