Write block of data in synchronous burst mode on EIM


I plan to interface the iMX 7 Dual Computer On Module with an FPGA on one of the EIM chip selects.

I plan to configure the EIM CS module to use the Synchronous Burst Mode for data transfer. I plan to use the Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP with the iMX7 Dual COM module.

  1. Is it possible using the Toradex BSP for Windows Embedded Compact 7 to configure any of the EIM CS for Synchronous Burst Mode write access?
  2. Once configured, how from my C code will I initiate a burst write operation for a block of data?



There is currently no EMI driver on iMX7. But interface is not that complex and you can use MemMap library to access the registers and write to device.

You can also read about it here → How to configure the EIM with WEC 2013 on colibri iMX7 - Toradex Community