Workspace setup

I struggle setting up the workspace for building an OS image.
I have successfully installed platform builder (I think). I downloaded the BSP according to my module, but where to put?
I downloaded the workspace, I can open it, but during this process I was ask to remove unsupported BSP versions, but this BSP versions were exactly the BSPs I need.

My guess, I failed to copy the BSP files ino the right place.

I want to build my own image cause I need mobile internet access, I use a SIM7600E module connected by USB and the vendor told me to build an new image including the neccessary drivers. Just installing the drivers without building a new image fails, probably more .dlls missing.

Thanks a lot for helping.

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Dear @Gerhard,

Please follow below step by step instructions to do that.

  • Please install Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and VS2015 or VS2013 to build a custom image using Toradex binary BSP and Workspace. We recommend you to use VS2015.

  • Download WEC2013 iMX6 BSP from here, extract the contents into the WEC2013 Platform folder(WINCE800). It will be at C:\WINCE800\platform\TORADEXIMX6BIN

  • Download WEC2013 iMX6 Workspace from here and extract the contents into the WEC2013 platform folder(WINCE800). It will be at C:\WINCE800\OSDesigns\IMX6_Core2013

  • Run VS2015 or VS2013

  • File → Open → Project/Solution and select IMX6_Core2013.pbxml file inside C:\WINCE800\OSDesigns\IMX6_Core2013

  • You would see a prompt “Platform Builder determined that the OS design you are opening contains configurations that reference board support packages that are not currently installed. and prompt me to remove list : ToradexiMX6 ARMV7 debug ToradexiMX6 ARMV7 debug ToradexiMX6 release checked”. Please skip the prompt and press OK.

  • Goto Solution Explorer Window

  • Select project and right click and select properties. Select configuration properties and confirm ToradexIMX6BIN Release selected as active and click OK

  • You can integrate your custom build components now e.g. adding a driver or select and remove components.

  • Run ''Build → Advanced Build Commands → Sysgen" and please be patient until build completes.After build succeeds, you can find NK.bin in the C:\WINCE800\OSDesigns\IMX6_Core2013\RelDir\TORADEXIMX6BIN_ARMV7_Release

Also, Please refer this community question : if you any other question.

We are using “Colibri iMX6 DualLite” SOC module along with “Colibri Evaluation Board | V3.2B” with Windows Embedded Compact 2013 running in it.
And we need to build a custom OS img based on our requirements.
What exactly is that “Windows Embedded Compact 2013” - you have mentioned in the first point?
I have downloaded that “Windows Embedded Compact 2013” and when I tried installing it is asking me for the product key to continue the installation?
How to get that product key? Is it a part of the Toradex board that we have purchased?

Thank You for your time.

Dear @goofy,

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 platform builder is licensed product from Microsoft, you could try free evaluation version to build a custom image if you are planning to use a long time then you need to buy a license. Please refer below links