wlan time out

Often wlan comes “not ready” until I disconnect the wifi dongle and plug it in another usb port. Then it connects but after some minutes, wifi switches to the state “not ready”. After this point, no further authentification is possible until i reboot or use another usb port.

Do you have an idea how I will get wifi stable?

Screenshots are not really usefull, full dmesg output in text format is much better. You can try using usb hub between colibri and lm006, and moving to 802.11n network.

Tests with a USB hub have not shown any improvements. I will do further tests with another router because the used Linksys WRT54GL does not support 802.11n networks.

It seems that the LM816 is more stable than the LM006. What is your experience with those two dongles?

That’s in line with our observations, LM816 seems to be generally more stable. LM006 is no longer available on our web shop.