With Windows CE 7 and Visual Studio 2008 can't find my driver DLL attaching to processes

Hello, I have my DLL driver to debug: it is loaded by my testing application by means of ActivateDeviceEx(). I run in debug mode my testing application from Visual Studio, then pause it, so that I can inspect the processes using the debug tools.

In particular, I can attach the debugger to all the processes running on the iMX6 and, for each one, inspect the loaded modules. But in all cases I can’t find my DLL. This after I activated it by using ActivateDeviceEx().

All I want is to inspect the DLL layout in memory during execution as a driver.

Anyone ever experienced such a problem?

Hi @brownb ,

You cannot debug your Driver DLL with the Visual Studio Application Debugger.
The DLL is loaded in the kernel (nk.exe) process after you call ActivateDevice().
For debugging a Driver DLL you need Platform Builder VS Extension.