WINS registry WINCE7

What are the entries associated with WINS in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ENET1\Parm\TciIp?

I have a config file in xml form that is read in, with various settings, including WINS information. I need to know which entries in this registry apply to WINS.

Thank you.

I don’t understand the reference to XML, is this something specific for your app?
In registry you have an entry to configure the address of the WINS server:

Reading in an xml file is specific; Want to be able to update keys in the registry with values from the xml file.

I have looked at the link you provided, and see WINS reference key.
I do not see any WINS specific keys in the registry.
I need to know which key in the attachments covers text

The WINS keys are not there in our default registry because the device is configured to obtain a dynamic IP from a DHCP server. You can add the keys you need using registry editor, save the registry and then reboot your device to apply the new configuration.