WindowsCE registry tweak for mouse pointer speed

Does anyone know where & how in the registry for WindowsCE for the PXA320 to make adjustments for the mouse pointer spped & span settings? That is if there are any.

Patrick L. McLaughlin

Did you once try to set the Mousespeed registry key. I found a documentation for Windows CE 5 but not 6.0. I quickly checked the source in CE 6 and found that this registry key is also used there. So just give it a try. The documentation for CE 5 can be found here.


Thank you for the reply.
I’ve done this research too, but found that it makes no difference. I’m going to assume the driver code for the PXA320 doesn’t check for this key and entries.

Any other ideas you may have woild be appriciated.

@Patrick: Do you see this with all kind of mouses? Or only with one specific mouse? How do you attach the mouse? PS2 or USB? Do you see the same issue with both?


Yes, with all and any USB mouse or pointing device.
It seems to me that the driver doesn’t have any way to facilitate these extra registry keys. Unless we are not in the correct place in the registry.

I also did some tests with WinCE 5 and didn’t see any difference in mouse speed. The USB HID mouse driver is rather standard so I guess it’s not related to the PXA320 platform but a common WinCE issue. Is this a blocking issue for you? We never got feedback so far, that the mouse speed was an issue.