Windows Mobile Device Center Windows 10 Creators Update


So I updated my laptop with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update and now the WMDC does not work anymore.
I get the message that the softwar eis not comaptible with my Windows version and reinstalling WMDC does not help.

Any idea if there is an alternative to WMDC to debug with Toradex?

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I don’t have an experience with that kind of problem, i’m using WMDC with Windows 8 and it works fine, but i think this Answer might be helpful :
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You may try to debug using Ethernet connection instead, as described here:

I saw some other reports on Microsoft forums of people having the same issue.
Everything worked before the update and after it everything stopped working.
Seems to be Microsoft who overlooked some compatibilities or something.

I’ll give this a try.
Thanks in advance!

Try this:

So I figured it out with the help of another forum.
It is an issue on MS side and there is a workaround by editing the Registry:

This will fix the issue, but I hope MS will release an official fix for this.

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Thanks a lot for sharing the solution also here.

there is another article explaining how to install WMDC on Windows 10 Creators update.