Windows Mobile Device Center connection doesn't work on the Colibri T20?

I have colibri T20 on Colibri development Board.
All things seems to work alright, boot process, serial debug etc…
But when I connect the USB (which is near the RESET button), windows detects the device, but it is not as it should be. The device manager shows the device as “Generic Serial (PROTOTYPE - Remember to change ID vendor)” Also mobile center is not coming up.
The PC is Windows7 32 bit and it detects my windows phone normally.

Please suggest

I think I have found a solution.
My OS is “Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate /32bits” It’s mobile sync driver seems to be old or outdated.
I used this website to find driver
They have a utility which I downloaded and installed on my computer.
That application searched my computer and uploaded the device details to their website and listed driver incomaptability. In our colibri device case it pointed to a driver from microsoft which is updted version of mobile synch. I have downloaded and installed it.
name of the driver updating executable from Microsoft was “drvupdate-x86.exe”
Now it seems ok.
I have deployeda Visual studio app using this.
Thanks. Hope this helps somebody.