Windows mobile centre not connected

i brought colibri vf50 with viola board.
i have serial port with 3.3 volt converter.
i just connected rx and tx of serial to uart a.
alt text

i think so module is booting properly.
but for deploy windows mobile device control is showing not connected

i tried many alt text

Can you please enable debug messages → and paste full log.

yes i have enable dbg.serial=1;
now i am getting more messages after bootloader start

alt text

is it necessary to use all pin of serial port.
i have just used rx and tx of serial.
power supply is given.
that all. no other connection i have done to board.

i save video in which we have to connect usb client. but my board does not have usb client. viola board

is it possible to connect to board and debug just via ethernet

Here are the instructions on how to use ENET for debuging

i found the solution .
the board had some missing component alt text

usb port micro is solder.
r55 and r 56 are shorted (near usb micro)
r17 560ohm (betwenn ethernet and normal usb port)
zener 4.7v (option).(it is subtitue of TPD2EUSB30DRTR ). if u want to solder it.
connet zener anode to ground.
cathode must be connect to r17 (pin of r17 with is not conneted to usb 5v)

after that driver will be automatically detected . it will take time. alt text

use remotedestop v2 from toradex
alt text

now this are working fine.

thank you.
Luka Pivk

i advice on buy viola board.
use evaluation board.
i happen many time that new user just order which appear on home page as it happened to me.
the company has very good documentation . it help to solve my problem just reading the 3 4 pdf and circuit diagram