Windows Embedded Compact 7 fails to copy Autocopy folder from USB Drive

I’m facing an issue where some Colibri modules don’t autocopy the folder as that they should. I have the following:

  1. Iris Board Rev 1.1
  2. Coibri IMXDL on versions 1.1A and 1.0A
  3. USB Drive with Custom Windows EC7 image, containing:
    a. Custom Registry
    b. Custom Config
    c. Autocopy Folder, contaning my application
    d. Toradex Easy Installer files

Out of 9 Colibri modules, I’ve faced this issue on 2. I have used the same USB Drive on all modules and the same Iris Board for the following process:

  1. Boot the module on recovery mode
  2. Recover the module to start TEZI
  3. Select the Custom Image on the USB drive
  4. After reflashing the module, reboot the Iris Board with Reset button (with the USB drive still connected)
  5. Restart, with Windows set up
  6. Wait until the Autocopy features complete

With the 7 modules that run OK, the process is just fine: I wait until it copies everything to Flashdisk and restart the board with my application. With the 2 bad modules, Windows starts but the Autocopy never finishes: some files are copied but not everything, that holds me from running my application

What can be happening? From those 2 bad modules, one is on V1.1A and the other one is on V1.0A

What kind of “Custom Windows EC7 image” do you have?
Could you try to do the same but with Toradex provided WinCE image?