Windows Embedded Compact 2013 licensing

We’re currently in the process of porting one of our applications from Win CE 6.0 to WEC 2013. It’s going pretty smoothly so far, but we’d like to pack all of our registry changes into a script for convenience.

According to this link, VBScript would be one option, but we’d need to build our own image using Platform Builder to add it as a feature.

This begs the question: what license is needed to run Platform Builder for WEC 2013? And where is it available for purchase? Even after a whole lot of Googling, I can’t find anything like a decent answer - if anyone here knows more on the topic, any advice is much appreciated.

Dear @Monomix,

VB script is not included with our standard release image. VB script components comes under C13 General Embedded license. Please refer our documentation for more information:

Our C13Entry license allows you to include VB script during your development stage. You need to buy C13
General Embedded
license when you are going for production.

We have registry import feature available in regedit tool, It may serve your purpose.

Hi Raja, the registry import looks like a nice workaround - thanks!