Windows CE scheduler to start/stop an .exe

Hi community, I’m a newbie in toradex and dev but can you tell me if it is possible to develop a simple app to restart a process (winvnc.exe) at regular interval?

As far as I understood, there is no scheduler in WinCe 6 by default on colibri platform.

I need to schedule the restart of winvnc.exe regularly because sometimes it does not answer anymore… (process crash? I don’t know…)

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Sure, you can create an app which will periodically terminate the winvnc.exe. (some code snippets available here. And then restart it using CreateProcess()

Hi Alex! Thanks for your answer. Can you confirm the way to schedule this app? Which function or windows exe I have to use to schedule it?

Hi, I checked the procedure to developpe a simple app but as I have a machine running WinCE 6 I guess I have to use WinCE 6 SDK, but it seems it does not available anymore…

Does someone have it?
Or can I use the WinCE7 SDK to developp this simple app?
If someone can help me, I would appreciate a lot :slight_smile:

WIncE6 SDK available here.

You cam use GetSyStemTime() function to do a scheduling.