Windows CE - Profiling

Dear sirs,

We have been working for many years with Colibri.

Target: PXA270-520 SODIMM200 DDR1 (ARMV4i)
O/S: Windows CE 5
Language: C++

My need is to use some profiler tools (Remote Call Profiler Tool & Monte Carlo Profiler Tool)
To be able to use this tools the Windows CE Image (Colibri: ARMV4I_Release) shall have the Profile Option Enable (Kernel debugging, event tracking) from the Platform Settings of the Platform Builder.

Is this options are enable on the Colibri board ?
There is a way to enable this option on the colibri board ?
Is it possible to have a Image with this option enable ?



It should be possible to enable the these profilers in the Colibri PXA BSPs.

I think the best resource to get an overview on the the Profiling functions is located at MSDN. There you find information about the Kernel Profiler / Monte Carlo Profiler. You find detailed instructions about the setup of the profilers as well.

For some features you may have to rebuild a custom image as you mentioned.

For Monte Carlo Profiling: The OEM functions mentioned (OEMProfileTimerEnable , …) in the setup instructions are not implemented. May you can not use the high resolution timer. We have no much experience there. Let us know if you need to know more details there.

Generally: If you are only interested in some application layer profiling, you may could also use the Remote Call Profiler which is part of the remote tools. It is documented here.