Windows CE driver not loading: how to send debug messages on Toradex debug serial

How would it be possible to write debug messages to system level debug output i.e. the one that sends the messages over UART on boot when enabled in the config block?

It seems that my driver is not being loaded and I need to send some output at boot time.

Note that my driver is a stream driver and for every function I added RETAILMSG(1,…) to send messages, but no message is sent on the debug UART at boot time. Maybe the problem could be that the DLL of the driver is not loaded at all?

I added the dependency on Wait4FlashDisk but nothing changed.

Note that on Colibrì T20 (I’m migrating from T20 to iMX6) the driver was working.

Colibrì iMX6DL 512MB V1.1B 11083097
custom carrier board
Windows CE 7 package 1.8 from Easy Installer

The RETAILMSG(), DEBUGMSG(), and ERRORMSG() macros all send output to the debug UART if the debug UART is enabled. Most likely that your driver hasn’t been loaded.